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Mages capable of traversing the Dreamscape,
the dimension where your consciousness travels to, when sleeping.

Most think that it was Luna who first taught Dream-walking,
but the art is far older then even the sisters's knowledge.
Luna was taught this skill by an unknown teacher,
who saw great potential in her,
and named her the new leader when she mastered the art.

It's unclear when and where Dream-walking began,
but during the Lunar rebellion,
they followed Luna into battle, but they where no warriors,
and eventually where thought to be wiped out.

After Luna's return, the descendants of Dreamers that survived the rebellion,
reappeared in secret, and approached Luna.
Together they re-formed the Dreamers,
and began to re-teach the long forgotten art.

After the Defeat of Tirek by the chosen six,
and the return of the elements to the tree,
the Princesses re-formed the Knights of Harmony,
to protect the land from those that the chosen would have instead.

The Dreamers where recruited into the Knights and made Honorary members.
Their main tasks, to ease the nightmares of the Knights that suffer from post dramatic stress disorder,
and to issue, moderate, and manage the ever important dream training.

Most think the Dreamers have the safest job in the Knights, 
for all they need do is sleep and dream.
But, to the Dreamers, the things in the Dreamscape are as real as you or me,
and they can be harmed by them.
If a Dreamer falls in the Dreamscape, their body goes comatose,
as their essence travels lost in the realm between life and death.

This is do to the connection between the Dreamscape and the Astral-plane.
They are both woven together, and overlap each-other.

The Dream Walkers travel through the dream realm, 
in search of those sleeping and help them as best they can if needed.

The Tranquilizers use magic to help those inflicted with insomnia,
or other sleep deprivation, get some well needed rest.

The Dream Weavers traverse others's nightmares, and help them overcome them,
and bring them into a more peaceful place within the dreamscape.

The Dream Wardens are tasked with over-seeing the other Dreamers traveling in the dreamscape,
alerting unwary ones, getting backup to others, 
and pulling them out if they are in imminent danger they can't handle.

The Wish Master, can control the dreamscape almost perfectly,
but his\her primary task is to grant one's final wish within the dreamscape,
if the Chariteers couldn't fulfill it in reality.
Lunar Knights of Magic Rank Sheet 4, Dreamers by GeneralDurandal
If you're interested in joining the Knights of Harmony,
then go to the Knights of Harmony Recruitment page.


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