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The contest ENDS October 28th at 9 pm pacific time.
1st: 800Points
2nd: 400Points
3rd: 200Points
Adult themes NOT allowed!
Blood and violence are acceptable.
Anthro is acceptable.
Human version is acceptable.
Your task is to draw Loyal Wing in a scene fitting to him.
Training, fighting, conversing with a peer or friend, flying, it is up to you.
Backgrounds aren't needed, but are appreciated.
1st Solar Squadron Leader: Loyal Wing - :iconloyalwing:
On Watch by LoyalWing

Loyal Wing, named after his father who gave his life in defense of their home,

is a stern, proud and bold Pegasus, never hesitating to lay his life on the line for the greater good.

In a conversation, he never interrupts  his friends and peers,

and will listen to everything they have to say before adding in.

But don't get on his bad side, he's got quite the ego, and is a hot-headed smart-ass.

Even with his mild fear of heights, he loves to fly, and is quite proud of his flying prowess and athleticism. 

When it comes to combat, he prefers a solid defense, but is known for his stealthy, aggressive hit-in-run tactics,

assaulting the enemies with glaived wings before they can properly react, then sweeping again with lead n bombs.

He'll tackle each situation differently, depending on positions and numbers of the enemies.





Loyal Wing Droppin' BOMBS by :iconrettro:
Loyal Wing Droppin' BOMBS by Rettro
This song popped into my head [link]
Loyal Wing (Contest Entry)by :iconcheckeredflame:

Loyal Wing (Contest Entry) by CheckeredFlame


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