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And some are funny.

I had two dreams, that I can remember.

Both where a "horror" them,
but the first one was pretty funny, and the other was only a tad funny.

The first one took place in the woods at night,
and there where some teens getting chased by SlenderMan,
but one of the kids would punch him whenever he got close causing him to run away.
There was a girl in the group that was laughing the entire time.
They ended up in a rock silo, and one of the kids is like, "we haven't seen him in a while"
and another kids was like, "that's because i'm alien the entire time" as he takes his face off,
to reveal the alien face under it.
But then he was like, "I'm also Slendarman" and he takes the alien face off revealing that he's a slenderman.

The second dream was the Train Team dream that I drew partial faces of.
Train Team Faces by GeneralDurandal
I was the main guy, and was 1st person, which is why the main guy's face is blank.

It started with the smart guy up front leading me into the train station.
The place looked nice, but it was abandoned.
I said to the smart guy, "So where's the train."
And he said, "There it is." as he pointed at what was so NOT a train.
It looked like, a steel beam attached by a hanging rail system.
That's the train?! by GeneralDurandal
I said "That's the Train?!"

It's sides rubbed against the walls making sparks,
and the track it took was very different.

|_|----< the train
|X|----< the tracks

When the train stopped we just looked at it.
There was a see through person sitting on it,
and then it left.

We then fallowed the tracks to see where it lead since we where curious,
and not stupid enough to try and ride that dangerous looking thing.

The X Tracks's where wast high and the holes where big enough to climb through.
We just climbed over the tracks, the smart guy was up front,
then the cute girl with a puppy was in front of me,
and the other two where behind me.

After a while of following the tracks, the puppy starts to freak out,
and runs back the way we came.

I look to the right, where there is a platform, and see these two, really weird dogs.
One was really little, long, white and skinny. Looked like one of those little brown lizards,
but white with a dog head, paws and tail.
The other was a average looking black/brown wiener dog, but it was making a really weird face.

I then said "What is that." to the lizard dog,
and "What's with that dogs face." to the other dog.

There was also black energy and white dots of lights that looked like eyes behind them.
Which I noticed, and then said "We got to get out of here, this place is cursed!"

The smart guy up front then said " The Train is coming Back!"

I shout, "Get Down!"

Which we do, but then I hear the girl behind me scream after the train went over me.

And then the dream was over.


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The black outline is a bug Clydesdale,
the tan one is a normal sized horse,
the grey one is a pony,
and the white one is a dwarf pony.
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